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4 Factors to Consider When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies

If you ask commercial cleaning companies for a quote, they would want to know the size of your property, the number of people in your workplace and your business niche or industry. To hire commercial cleaners, check for the best commercial cleaning companies that follow a system to accurately assess properties before carrying out their tasks.

It will be easier to identify appropriate office cleaning solutions when there is sufficient information about your space. This creates a win-win situation for both your organisation and your hired cleaning company. Neither party will spend beyond their budget. They will focus on core functions instead.


The Office Cleaning Process

As aforementioned, most cleaning companies follow step-by-step procedures to come up with the right cleaning solutions for your office. Such procedures take into account the following factors:

1. Office Layout

The structure of your workplace affects cleaning speed and frequency of maintenance. Some offices have a minimalist design so they are easy to clean. Other offices are comprised of layers and ornate designs, which require more intensive cleaning solutions than simple layouts.

Offices with several internal spaces present a challenge to cleaners because different spaces often necessitate different cleaning methods. Conference rooms, for instance, may need steam carpet cleaning, while an office pantry may be cleaned similar to a kitchen.

The distance between the building entrance and your office also affects the cleaning time. For example, it takes more time to migrate office trash to the building trash receptacle when your office is located on the third floor. While if your office sits on the ground floor, cleaners will have an easier time emptying out trash bins.

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2. Workplace Population

The number of people serving your office during cleaning hours also matters. If the office is too crowded during official cleaning hours, it would be difficult for cleaners to move around and complete their cleaning duties on time.

Cleaning companies always pay attention to office size because this helps them formulate an effective cleaning strategy. They also get to organise a workable schedule (e.g. when to empty the trash or cleaning frequency). Professional cleaners can empty a trash can and replace it with a new lining within 30 seconds.

But if your office occupies an entire building, cleaning companies may need to send more cleaners to meet required cleaning hours. Many employers make the mistake of cutting back on cleaning costs to increase their workforce. Studies show that this approach is counterproductive and will only lead to more losses.

For better productivity, cleaning intensity should be proportionate to your workplace density.

3. Employee Movements and Work Habits

Maximise cleaning time by understanding employee movements. Note down their tasks and office habits. How frequently do they move to and from the office? What activities do they undertake (e.g. photocopying, conference room meetings, lunch breaks)?

Consider whether cleaning within office hours is more efficient than cleaning before or after office hours. Schedules have to work their way around the prevalent office culture to ensure cleaning does not get in the way of productivity and vice versa.

Knowing how, when and where your employees move about the office can help leverage cleaning activities. Help your chosen company allocate enough cleaners at appropriate cleaning hours without spending too many resources.

4. Industry or Business Niche

Different offices have different cleaning requirements. This may have something to do with the industry or niche they belong to.

Regardless of office size, some industries need special cleaning services while others only require general office cleaning solutions. Most recipients of advance commercial cleaning are companies from capital-intensive industries or niche (e.g. manufacturing, medical laboratories, gaming centres).

Such working environments are characterised by machine-aided processes and specific cleaning methods may be in order rather than generic ones. Moreover, capital-intensive industries and niches need technicians or handymen with specialised skills. These individuals require higher service fees than regular cleaners.

Be aware of your industry or business niche so you will have a clear idea of the cleaning services you require.

Hire commercial cleaners

When you finally decide to Hire commercial cleaners from a reputable office cleaning company, make sure to always set your priorities straight and furnish every important information you have. Commercial cleaning providers need to be informed about your office structure, workplace density, office culture and industry or niche.

Although the benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services cannot be over-emphasized, providing sufficient information will help your chosen commercial cleaning company formulate the right strategies. They can also tap the right cleaning professionals for the job and allocate a reasonable number of cleaning hours.

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