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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Green Office Cleaning

With our busy schedules and our fast-paced lifestyle, we want everything to be convenient. That is why it is no surprise that many people ignore green office cleaning products and go for others that promise to make our lives easier. Convenience stores, fast food, mobile phones – these came to being because of our demand for instant results.

We lean towards brands promoting quick fix solutions, but we forget that a number of these brands are toxic. Toxic brands not only damage your health after a period of use but they also harm the environment.


Green Cleaning Services

These days many toxic cleaning products are marketed as “quick fix,” “easy” or “effective.” While such marketing claims may hold water, your health suffers in the process and you’re not even aware of it.

How to avoid these toxic cleaning products? Understanding is the key.

Whether you hire independent cleaners or a trusted cleaning company, you need to know what products your cleaners are using. Note: always read container labels! Run over the ingredients and if there’s a chemical you do not understand, do some quick research.

Most commercial cleaners use chemicals that cause respiratory illnesses, organ damage or mood swings. Though you can follow safety precautions to protect your health, such precautions may not be enough to prevent damage to the environment.


Advantages of Eco Friendly Cleaning

The only solution is to switch to organic cleaning products. Using products that promote green cleaning reflects your corporate social responsibility. Your company not only contributes to environmental protection, but you also look after the health of your employees.

If you’re not convinced, then you can go through this list of advantages:

1. Health Protection

Eco-friendly cleaning products do not affect the brain, lungs, membrane or blood stream. The best organic formulas are just as effective as non-organic cleaning products sans the health damage. Simply put, you do not have to worry about you and your employees contracting any illness while working in the office.

But does this mean you have to use organic products, which tend to be more costly? If budget is a concern, then opt for non-organic but at the same time environment-friendly products. They contain neutral and milder chemicals. But there’s no guarantee they are just as effective. You can discuss this matter with your Melbourne cleaning services provider.

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2. Quality Air

As earlier mentioned, some commercial cleaning solutions use harmful chemicals that negatively affect your respiratory system. Harmful chemicals give off fumes that blend with the air your breathe. When you use an organic or non-toxic cleaning product, there is no risk of inhaling air infused with toxic fumes.

3. Safety

Toxic cleaning products force you to follow safety measures so you don’t end up burning your skin or stinging your eyes. Not to mention you have to mind where you store them – ideally in areas beyond the reach of children or animals.

When extra caution is applied, cleaning services tend to be slow and take a lot of time. By switching to green office cleaning, however, you get rid of time-consuming preparation processes. Cleaners need not go through lengthy rituals and just move straight to cleaning. And it’s easy to start cleaning when you use products that neither burn nor sting.

4. Environmental Contribution

One of the most important advantages of green cleaning is its contribution to the preservation of the environment. Organic products are made from natural ingredients and undergo quality checks. They do not create pollutants that affect human health, biodiversity, air quality and the environment in general.

5. Long-T green-cleaning-services erm Savings

When your employees are healthy and your office adheres to environment-friendly practices (including the use of organic products), you get to save more. Healthy employees mean higher productivity and reduced losses. On one hand, high productivity means better return on investment, which subsequently gives your company more opportunities for expansion.

Green Office Cleaning Companies

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