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7 ways to make your office more eco-friendly

Have you checked the environmental impact of your office? If not, this is a great time to consider it. Climate change is no longer just a scientific jargon we hear scientists talk about on TV; we see and feel its effects all around us. Eco-friendly approach to cleaning can help solve climate change issues like global warming and rising sea levels costing global economy trillions of dollars to manage each year.

 The global push to improve carbon footprint is at an all-time high, and businesses are under great pressure to live up to this CSR. When the office becomes more eco-friendly, it benefits the environment and reduces energy costs while attracting customers and investors. 

This article explores different ways to make the office more environmentally friendly.

  • Opt For Eco-Friendly Products

Using eco-friendly products is an effective way to reduce your office’s carbon footprint. These products cut across all areas of the office. They include energy-efficient electronics, using microfiber cloth instead of paper towels, decomposable plates and cups instead of plastics, and eco-friendly cleaning products. Furthermore, these will help cut the disposal of tons of hazardous waste and reduce environmental pollution.

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  • Switch to Renewable Energy

An effective way to make the office more environmentally friendly is by embracing renewable power sources like solar and wind energy. Today, these energy sources are more accessible than ever before and are cost-effective. Additionally, it doesn’t matter the size of your organisation. Rooftop solar installations and large-scale wind and solar farms can cater for organisations of any size.

If your office is located in a deregulated energy area, switch to renewable energy by shopping for an electricity supplier with a suitable green energy plan.

  • Go Paperless

 Everything is digitised, from cloud storage to e-statements and invoices. We live in an age where the need for paper is almost zero, yet paper waste accounts for as much as 75% of the total office waste. Keeping things as digital as possible is a great way to reduce ecological impact in the workplace and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Switching to a paperless office policy also helps ease office operations. Everyone would agree that it’s a lot easier to store and sort files in your computer and other digital devices than in a file cabinet.

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  • Utilise Natural Light

 Office lights account for more than 20% of the energy consumed daily. Utilising natural light is a smart and effective way to save energy and cost. 

Relying on daylight instead of artificial lights also helps the performance of workers. Working close to the windows leads to increased vitamin D production and digestion. It also reduces falling asleep at work by controlling the body’s circadian rhythms.

  • Turn Off Lights and Electronics Every Evening.

Implement a strict power-off-before-leaving rule. This policy will go a long way to help cut down energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. Installing a motion-sensitive lighting system also helps save energy and cost automatically.

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  • Place Recyclable and Non-Recyclable trash Bins in different areas of the Office.

Recycling waste materials is a great way to combat environmental degradation and save resources. Label trash bins clearly and educate your employees on what can and cannot go into the recycling bin.

  • Create a Sustainability Team For Your Organisation

This team will help create and implement sustainability strategies in the workplace. They’ll recommend energy-efficient and eco-friendly products for purchase and advise on company policies to ensure they are friendly to the ecosystem.

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