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Autumn Corporate Cleaning Solutions Checklist

While spring cleaning gives managers the excuse to re-organise their office and commission a massive cleanup, experts says intensive office cleaning solutions should be carried out more than once a year.

Spring is not the only season for wide-scale cleanups. In fact, you can do this on any another season. Next to spring cleaning, however, people prefer to clean during the fall.

Both seasons provide the perfect occasions for cleaning your house from cover to cover and attend to cleaning tasks not tackled earlier in the year. Before temperatures completely drop and create cleaning difficulties for you, keep your office in good shape.

During an autumn cleanup, you might look into the following cleaning tasks:

1. Clean windows

Many people make the mistake of using newspaper to clean their windows. While it was all right in the past, newspapers at present tend to leave inky stains on the glass. Choose a cleaning formula for glass windows and and a special cleaning rug to go with it. For DIY window cleaning, you can opt to use water infused with denatured alcohol.

2. Rearrange your furniture and appliances

Tired of the same old interior? Feel like the room is too stuffy or crowded with furniture? Maximise your available space by rearranging furniture and appliances. You and your colleagues should have enough space to move around and carry out your assigned tasks.

Take out furniture that not only block your pathways, but also prevent proper ventilation. For instance, cabinets covering your window view or desk layouts that increase bumping or collision incidents.

3. Declutter

Clutter can make any commercial office look smaller than its actual size. One of the best ways to declutter is to streamline your arrangement. Remove unnecessary decorations, accessories and other items so that you have more space at your disposal. This also allows you and your workforce to move about without any obstacles. Retain important furniture, appliances and items so that nothing gets in the way of productivity.

4. Clear out expired goods

Busy days may get the better of you to the point that you forget to keep track of all your office belongings. Autumn would be the perfect time to do some inventory. Clear your cupboards and your stock room. Weed out perishable goods and items you bought with a definite shelf life (e.g. service medicines, service hygiene products). Check their expiry dates and discard those that can no longer be used.

5. Polish your office facade

Whether this entails cleaning the glass windows outside of your office, the lobby or the entrance area, it is important to impress potential clients from the get-go. Office cleanliness, particularly for companies in the habit of entertaining clients face-to-face, is one important deal-sealer (as much as it is a deal-breaker).

Contact Office Cleaning Companies in Melbourne

But time is of the essence and you and your staff may have a pile of work to deal with. While you have the option to hire an in-house cleaner, this move adds no value to your main business operations. What wise managers do is outsource all the cleaning tasks to a reliable office cleaning solutions provider.

There are several office cleaning companies in Melbourne to choose from. Research online. Add a few companies to your shortlist. Know what people have to say about your shortlisted cleaning companies.

Call them one by one. Ask about their office cleaning services, corresponding price packages and whether they can accommodate your preferred schedule.

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