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Effective Ways To Clean Dust in Offices

Dust is all around us. They are present in the air, on the floor, on our windows, and every other surface in the office. We usually don’t notice dust in our spaces because they’re almost invisible to the naked eye. We see them when many dust particles gather and form a visible layer on our surfaces, creating the soot-like look and feeling we get when we swipe a finger against a dusty surface. This begs the question, how do we clean dust in the air and on surfaces in my workspace? Here are some effective ways to clean dust out of the air in your office.

Use a Wet Microfiber Cloth

Using damp cloth is an effective way to get the dust out of your office. The water in the cloth traps dust, ensuring they don’t become airborne and float off to another surface. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust from any surface in your office. Add disinfectants to the water in order to clean and disinfect your office simultaneously or include soap to remove oily dust spots.

For electronic devices like laptops and printers, use a dry cloth to clean off loose dirt, then use a microfiber cloth dampened with alcohol to clean them. This gives your devices a polished look.

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Use Vacuum Cleaners

Using vacuum cleaners is an easy and effective way to clean dust from any type of surface. Vacuums work by sucking up dust particles and keeping them in a compartment within the vacuum cleaner. This method of cleaning is relatively stress-free and removes dust and dirt from your floors, furniture, walls, ceiling, and other surfaces.

TIP: Clean out the dirt compartment of your vacuum cleaner after each use to maintain optimal cleanliness of your vacuum and to make it last longer.

Sweep and Mop Your Floors Often

Office floors are most vulnerable to dust overload because people pick up dust on their feet from the outside and deposit them on the floor. To mitigate this situation, have your office swept and mopped every day. Thorough sweeping and mopping removes a day’s worth of dust from your floor. Sweep the floor first to remove large and loose particles, then use a wet mop to scrub out any remaining dust.

Dry Cleaning

Fabrics in your office like your curtains and the cover of your monitor and printer are also susceptible to dust overload. Dry cleaning these items is a great cleaning method as it removes dust particles and eliminates the need for washing. 

Place all the fabrics to be cleaned inside a container and add baking soda to it. Shake the container until the fabrics are covered in baking soda. The baking soda causes the dust to clump together and the force from vigorously shaking the container removes the clump from your fabric. Bring out the items from the container and dust them one by one until the baking soda is completely removed.

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Hire Professional Cleaners

Outsourcing your office cleaning needs to professional cleaners is perhaps the most effective solution to remove dust from the air and surfaces in your office. Professional cleaning services utilise the latest innovation in the cleaning industry to clean out even the grimiest of places. Finding the best affordable cleaners near you will enable you focus on your work and get more productive.

At Office cleaning solutions, our team of expert cleaners have extensive experience in cleaning all kinds of places. We have seen it all and we have cleaned it all, from the usual dusty office cleaning to specialised HVAC system filter cleaning. Contact us and we will plan a cleaning schedule that suits your needs.

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