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Expert Commercial Cleaning

Every office needs commercial cleaning. A clean office facilitates ease of movement and encourages productivity and creativity among employees.

Some companies want to save money by hiring an individual cleaner instead. What they do not understand is that individual cleaners have limits. Their expertise may only cover regular cleaning services and not high end commercial cleaning.

High end corporate cleaning are services only experienced cleaning professionals can offer. These cleaning experts have undergone months of training to be able to carry out special cleaning services.


Professional Corporate Cleaning

Corporate cleaning can be quite tricky. You need special equipment or method to remove dirt, grime or dust from difficult-to-reach corners and intricate elements in your working space.

Below are areas of or items in your office that may require extensive cleaning solutions:

  • External windows (for offices situated on higher floors)

  • Ceiling

  • Carpets (especially woven, tufted, knotted, embroidered and felted types made from wool or other expensive fabric)

  • Room and lighting fixtures (especially chandeliers)

  • Stock room or warehouse

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The overall square area of your office space also matters. You can’t leave this much space to individual cleaners. An individual cleaner will burn out before the day the ends.

Just to be on the sure side, always prioritise expert cleaning solutions. Big companies need a team of professionals to look after their office, which may comprise an entire building if not an entire floor.

Moreover, factories and companies operating at economic zones require more than the regular type of cleaning. Only professionals with the right cleaning equipment will be able to handle industrial work environments.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Need to focus on your business but badly in need of office cleaning solutions?

Richmond is a suburb located a few kilometres south of Melbourne’s central business district. Commercial cleaning is a thriving industry, especially in Richmond.

The suburb is surrounded by a number of office cleaning companies. However, not all of these companies offer comprehensive corporate cleaning solutions.

When looking for commercial cleaning, check whether the following services are present:

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Expert cleaners also offer specialised cleaning services for specific establishments such as hospitals, hotels, and nightclubs. If you do your research, you can find an ethical cleaning company like Office Cleaning Solutions.

We adopt a fresh clean green approach and make sure that we only use environment-friendly cleaning methods. All our equipment, materials and solvent formula comply with local environment laws.

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