How to find the best affordable housecleaners in your area

Finding a maid or hiring reliable housecleaners should be a luxury anyone can afford. Your time is worth money, so instead of spending hours vacuuming or scrubbing floors, you can put it to profitable use. Outsourcing your cleaning work to domestic cleaners near you is a great way to go.

Additionally, the ability to spend extra time with family, child care, hobbies, and relaxation makes hiring independent house cleaners worthwhile. But the question remains; how do you find a reliable cleaner, and how much does cleaning service cost, especially here in Melbourne?

Where To Find Affordable Housecleaners

Finding affordable house cleaners you can trust is usually the most challenging part of the task. Homeowners are constantly worried about the safety of their houses and belongings. This is because they usually have to leave keys behind for maids and cleaning service professionals to access the property in their absence. Firstly, it’s crucial to ensure you’re hiring a recognised, certified and insured cleaning service. This helps ensure safety and gives you some insurance leverage in case there’s damage to your belongings. That essentially means you may have to avoid overly cheap cleaners. 

Where to find affordable house cleaners include:

  • Google My Business
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Ask for recommendations from friends, family and colleagues
  • Use online review platforms like Yelp

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Before You Start Searching For Housecleaners 

Consider Your Budget

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a housecleaner is the financial commitment involved. However, you can make your cleaning more cost-effective by scheduling biweekly routines instead of daily service. At the end of the day, finding housekeepers will significantly depend on how much you’re willing to spend, as prices tend to increase along with the quality of service you get.

Why You Need A Cleaner

Depending on your financial capabilities and cleanliness needs, hiring a cleaner may either be a need or just a want. The cleaning necessities of a single room condo will be much less that of a 10 bedroom mansion. Also, if you are constantly unhappy with your personal cleaning efforts, you may want to hire independent house cleaners. Some people are just better at cleaning than others.

Independent Housecleaners  vs Cleaning Company

Whether you want to find a maid or use a cleaning company near you, your best option will depend on your budget. Independent cleaners generally cost less than cleaning companies. However, they are usually less flexible, uninsured and lack certification, which calls for safety concerns.

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Vet Your Hire

No matter if you find a maid or hire a cleaning solutions company, you still need to vet them to ensure they are trustworthy and reliable. Look out for insurance availability, licenses and reviews from previous clients on their website, google and other review platform.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring your home is tidy yet secure is paramount when hiring housecleaners. Decide the kind of cleaning service you want and be prepared for the costs that’ll follow. Having someone do the cleaning for you enables you to use your time for more important activities. More so, even if you wanted to do the cleaning yourself, you may not have the time, and nobody wants to live in a dirty home.

Outsourcing your cleaning work to a professional, reliable and insured cleaning company like OfficeCleaningSolutions will give you peace of mind. We provide cost-effective and highly customised services to meet your needs.


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