How To Keep Your Assigned Office Space Clean

Workplace cleaning should be taken seriously because it’s vital to health and well being. On average, you spend 6–8 hours in your office daily, which amounts to 1700 business hours yearly. This simply means your office is your second home and as such should be  regularly cleaned and organised. Furthermore, office cleaning helps improve work efficiency because a messy office can significantly reduce morale.

Tip to ensure an effective office cleaning

Declutter and clean your desk

A messy desk doesn’t just happen; it builds up over time. Prioritise thoroughly de-cluttering and wiping your desk during your office cleaning routines. As the office saying goes, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. Therefore, a clean office can help you become more efficient in achieving your daily office goals.

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Dust and clean your IT equipment

The use of technology to make work more efficient means that office desks are not complete without IT equipment like desktops and laptops. Nevertheless, keeping this equipment dirt-free is an essential part of workplace cleaning since you use it almost every day. Due to frequent use, your keyboards, mouse and touch screens can accumulate bacteria and other pathogens. Sanitising these surfaces regularly will help you maintain a germ-free office.

Use storage solutions

The ability to enjoy a cosy office environment is one reason why cleaning is essential in the workplace. Storage solutions like shelves and drawers allow you to enjoy more space efficiency while keeping your office organised. You can organise similar items together in different sections of the shelf or cabinet to make them easy to find.

Go paperless and remove unused items

Bulk of the dirt accumulated after office cleaning is usually paper materials. These result from prints, receipts, letters and other paper transactions that occur in the office. As the world goes digital, several online tools allow you to store and send written information more effectively. Most office paper works can be processed digitally to prevent you from accumulating too much paper waste.

Rearrange your space

If your office is always looking cluttered even after cleaning, you should consider rearranging the design and layout. Go for space-efficient office furniture and use shelves to store items such as books and files that would normally clutter your desk. Also, prioritise getting rid of items and equipment that you don’t use in the office to make room for more space.

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Clean daily

Cleaning your office daily is the best approach to maintaining a healthy and habitable work environment. Daily cleaning helps ensure dirt does not accumulate on surfaces over time. When this happens, you may need a deep cleaning to effectively remove the dirt and clutter, which will cost you more time and effort. Daily cleaning of office furniture, floors, desks and waste bin removal are essential tasks that contribute to a clean workplace.

Hire a professional cleaning company 

Because you and your workers need time to focus on the actual work that matters, you may not have the chance to handle your workplace cleaning effectively. You can hire an office cleaning company like us who have the right staffing, equipment and other cleaning solutions.

Office Cleaning Solutions is always available to assist you in maintaining a clean office or workspace. Get in touch with us today.

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