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Regardless of your office size, it pays to schedule a office cleaning service lest they disrupt your business operations and affect productivity. Certain cleaning tasks need to do more frequently than others. Such tasks should ideally be performed daily for bigger offices, a few times a week for medium-sized offices and weekly for smaller offices. There is also a different set of cleaning tasks you can set aside for every start or end of the month. Below are recommended office cleaning guides your company can refer to when creating or assigning cleaning lists or schedules:

Daily Office Cleaning Schedule

Your daily office cleaning schedule should constitute small tasks, carried out to ensure your office is ethically clean and adheres to mandated sanitary standards. Daily office cleaners can ideally focus on areas most frequented by your employees and guests.

Your standard operating procedure for cleaning should prioritise communal spaces like break rooms, reception area, work stations (desks or cubicles), conference rooms, pantry, washrooms and lobby areas. Check out our proposed office cleaning guides for daily cleaning routines:

General Office Cleaning Procedures For All Rooms

  • Vacuum dust, debris and other particles accumulating on floors (tiled or carpeted)
  • Mop hard floor and tiled areas with the aid of appropriate office cleaning tools
  • Clean often neglected but commonly touched areas such as door handle, light switches, keyboards and mouse
  • Wipe down glass areas including glass doors, windows and mirrors
  • Take out rubbish from waste bins, wash if necessary and replace liners
  • Use a cloth dampened with mild disinfectant to clean desk or table surfaces
  • Polish silverware, brass work or metal tops in your office
  • Remove dirt or grime from walls and coated surfaces

Cleaning Guide Break Room, Pantry and Wash Room

  • Clean waste bins and replace liners
  • Wipe counter tops and hard surfaces using the right disinfectants
  • Mop floors with antibacterial cleaning solutions
  • Sanitise and disinfect basins, loos, sinks, doors, fixtures and installed appliances
  • Replenish hand soap dispensers
  • Polish glass and reflective surfaces such as glass, brass, metal wares and mirrors

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Weekly Cleaning Guides

Weekly cleaning is usually a bigger deal than daily cleaning. Unlike daily tasks where you can get rid of dirt, grime and rubbish early on before they damage your property, weekly cleaning requires you to deal with rubbish that has accumulated for several days.

Bulk cleaning schedules come with materials designated for deep cleaning. Small offices tend to prefer this cleaning approach because it saves them money and allow them to work without interruptions.

Foster a healthy working space for your employees and visiting clients by creating a concise monthly professional office cleaning checklist. Ideally, you need to take these tasks into consideration:

  • Thorough window cleaning (windows outside of your office or building may require the assistance of expert cleaners)

  • Refill soap dispensers and water dispensers

  • Remove rubbish, sanitise bins and replace liners

  • Polish hard floors and surfaces with the appropriate cleaning

  • Disinfect communal areas like a pantry, break rooms and washrooms

  • Vacuum work stations, conference rooms and all areas of your office

  • Method squirt and mop floors using antibacterial formula

Monthly Cleaning Guides

Monthly cleaning lists may or may not be as exhaustive as daily and weekly cleaning schedules. Different companies follow different standards. Monthly schedules usually consist of tasks that can be done less frequently and involve special office cleaning services:

  • Streamline and disinfect storage areas

  • Clean your air conditioning and repair if necessary

  • Dry clean fabric chairs or use a special fabric vacuum

  • Dust off difficult to reach surfaces, nooks and crannies

  • Steam clean carpets or rugs

Hire a Commercial Cleaner

There are several benefits of hiring a professional cleaning team to handle your janitorial activities. Office cleaners will help you maintain a fully functioning and sanitary workplace that promotes employee health. More than just ensuring the health of your workforce, a clean workplace has long-term benefits for you and your clients.

But office cleaning is not a walk in the park. Depending on your office size, outsourcing to a reliable cleaning company could be more cost-efficient for you.

Letting a third party provider with a proven track record in the cleaning industry carry out your cleaning list or schedule on your behalf will make things easier in the long run. Focus on more important aspects of your business and your chosen provider will take care of office sanitation according to your instructions.

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