cleaning infected areas of the office desk

5 shocking most infected areas in your office

As the world gradually emerges from the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, one undeniable fact is that the corporate world cannot afford to go back to the way things were before the pandemic regarding health and proper sanitation in the workplace. The last thing you want as a manager or an employer is for germs in the workplace to pose a risk to the health of your employees and customers. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 places with the most germs in the workplace.

  • Elevator Buttons and Door Handles

Elevator buttons and door handles are classic examples of where germs in the workplace can hide in plain sight. Dozens, if not hundreds of people, use elevators and doors daily in hotels and other commercial and industrial establishments. This situation leads to germs being deposited on the buttons and handles, making them hotspots for infectious bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Hence, it’s crucial that these places are kept clean at all times. You could make use of frp doors instead of wooden doors as they can be easily cleaned. These places should receive special attention while cleaning. Wipe door handles and elevator buttons at regular intervals with a sanitiser.

  • Desktops in your workplace

  • Desktops are up there as a leading breeding ground for germs in the workplace. It houses about 21,000 bacteria, fungi and viruses per square inch, which is about 300 times more than a toilet seat. Often, co-workers huddle over a monitor on a desktop to share ideas, but they do not know that they are also exchanging germs. These germs travel from the desktops to your body through your hands as you touch things on your table. To ensure that your desktop is germ-free, deep clean your desktop with sanitiser at the start of each work day.

    • Keyboard and Telephones

    Keyboards and Telephones are often neglected while cleaning, but they host numerous harmful micro-organisms. With about 24000 germs per square inch, these two devices may even be more infected than your desktop. People sneeze, food particles fall on them, and drinks are sometimes spilled on them. Guess who lives off the food and drinks you leave on the keyboard and telephones? Mr Germs. It’s worse if you share a keyboard or telephone with your colleagues. Each person adds their own grime to the device, making it a haven for germs to thrive. Wipe the Telephone or Keyboard a few times daily with disinfectants, especially if your co-workers also use them.

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    • Break Rooms

    The break room is one of the busiest areas in the workplace because it is where a lot of workers go to eat. Break rooms are also among the most contaminated spaces in the workplace because food and drinks are often spilled on the floor and tables. Vending machines’ buttons and refrigerator door handles also carry disease-causing germs. Clean the break room thoroughly to remove dust and other substances that may have dried onto the floor or table. Wipe vending machine buttons and refrigerator door handles with a sanitiser as often as possible.

    • Restrooms

    The restroom area is the epicentre of germs in the workplace. E.coli and other fecal germs are common on every surface in the restroom. It is important to hire a janitor or call a professional cleaning service to carry out routine deep cleaning of your restrooms.

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