Spring Cleaning Service Melbourne

We provide a wide range of spring cleaning services – yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly. Depending on your needs.

Our team of professional cleaners generally do commercial cleans during weekends so that there is minimal disturbance to your workplace, and come Monday morning your offices are spotless!

Remember when the daffodils starting coming out, the sun started shining again after Winter and then your Mum started the annual spring clean around the house? The concept is the same for your office, and it doesn’t have to be the season of Spring to enlist some spring cleaning services.

Keeping your office fresh!


High Quality Spring Cleaning Services in Melbourne, Victoria

It’s a time when all those little nooks and crannies can be attended to when the office kitchen needs a thorough clean – range hoods are de-greased, tiles are scrubbed and gunk from those hard to clean places are attended to. It might be storerooms that have dust build up, obsolete furniture that needs removed, desks that need to be wiped, window sills wiped or even a fresh coat of paint.

Office Cleaning Solutions professional spring cleaners serve those offices with areas that require that extra attention, or maybe the big boss is coming into the office or you have some interstate or overseas clients arriving. Whatever it may be, now is the time to enlist the specialists for spring cleaning to make that lasting positive impression.

Spring cleaning can provide your staff with an opportunity to declutter, tidy up their surroundings and maybe clear the desk they haven’t seen for a while due to the clutter. It can offer you the opportunity to set standards, create new goals and clear the mind and take stock of your environment.

Office Cleaning Solutions can offer you spring cleaning tailored to your needs, conducted by professional, experienced cleaners.

Spring cleaning services can be delivered to all workplaces, whether it’s an office, a building or a warehouse, we will have it looking sharp and provide you an environment your proud to work in. Our highly skilled and trained professional staff will clean your offices any season you choose.


Minimise disruption

Most often our clients request spring cleaning services on weekends to minimise any disruption to your staff and to enable you the time during the week to maximise your business potential. By doing this, you can confidently walk into the office on Monday morning with a spring in your step and ready for a clean fresh vibe in the office.


What do you get out of spring cleaning services?

A fast result in the minimum amount of time, with minimal disruption to enable you to keep in control of your cleaning requirements and freshen the place up. We dedicate a lot of time particularly in Spring for our clients to perform spring cleaning. The results are fast and the impact is impressive!

  • Cost effective - Cost effective, customised to your needs and you get a big hit of sparkle right where you want it.
  • Privacy and Security - Trust is so important and we understand that keeping your business secure is important, so our highly trained staff have detailed background checks to offer you peace of mind and security. We’ll also respect your privacy and work with you to minimise any disruption.
  • Customer Satisfaction - We understand that we are here to serve you so we are focused on delivering what you, as our customer wants and will tailor a package to suit your needs.


Why choose Office Cleaning Solutions?

We’re all too familiar with the challenges of running a business, we know as we’ve been doing it for 35 years. We understand how important it is for an employee to feel a sense of pride when they walk into their office and then perform their best work in a welcoming environment.

Creating this kind of environment and positive atmosphere can be difficult to obtain if you’re hit with dirty carpet, stained floors, marked walls, dusty desks and an unhygienic smell.

Let’s keep Winter’s flu and Spring’s allergies to a minimum with creating a clean, fresh office and a sense of well being.

We’ll chat with you about what’s important for you and your business so we can tailor a package to meet your requirements and then we’ll set to work to ensure we have the right staff to complete your spring clean to the highest standard.

Office Cleaning Solutions have 35 years experience in spring cleaning and enjoy an excellent reputation for our customer focused service.

We have over the years developed the most trusted techniques in spring cleaning and use hygienic detergents and methods which collectively will save you a lot of time and worry.


What’s in it for you?

There’s got to be a benefit for you, in choosing Office Cleaning Solutions for your spring cleaning requirements, we get that! Now we could go on and on here but we’ll give you some punchy benefits right off the bat…

  • Quality – highly trained staff that will deliver spring cleaning that meets your expectations.
  • Security – Police checked staff to ensure we maintain the strictest security on your premises.
  • Health & Hygiene – Healthy office, healthy staff, and clients, so with spring cleaning we can eliminate dust and grime build up to leave you with a fresh and clean environment within days.
  • We will turn up and do the job – easy to say but we’ll deliver. We’ll leave a sparkle that you can be proud of and we’ll adhere to our agreed requirements.
  • Investment – we’re competitive in the market and will offer you genuine value with a package that meets your needs and budget.


What services can we provide?

This is your call and we love to say yes, so if you need spring cleaning, we can do it. Some of the more common services we provide are:

If you want excellent results for spring cleaning, for a fair price, then let Office Cleaning Solutions, a family owned business that knows all the ins and outs of spring cleaning assist you to meet your requirements.

Call us for a FREE quote today and we can have a chat about how we can meet your needs.


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