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Recommended Office Cleaning Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

Does your office building have a patio? Remember that outdoor spaces can succumb to wear and tear and constant weather exposure. Premature deterioration is the last thing you want to happen. Which office cleaning solutions should you get to spruce up your patio?

Instead of paying for an in-house cleaning staff, however, it’s better to outsource your cleaning projects to a reliable provider. Outsourced corporate cleaning solutions present long-term benefits to companies that want to focus on expanding their business operations.

Note that not all cleaning providers are the same and that indoor cleaning constitutes a different process from outdoor cleaning. While you can opt for general building maintenance, if your office building has a prominent patio, hire a cleaning company capable of providing special care and maintenance for that outdoor space.

To ensure your patio’s longevity, your chosen provider should offer cleaning solutions focusing on the following areas:

1. Regular dusting

Because patios have an open-air setup, they easily gather dust. Furniture left in the open are exposed to elements, which gradually cause them to deteriorate. Even with a canopy or gazebo, heat, snow, hale, rain and strong winds can damage outdoor furniture or structures.

Extreme weather is beyond one’s control but dust does add insult to injury. And the best way to prevent extreme weather from damaging your patio and adding up to your office cleaning worries is to dust off dirt regularly.

Dust does not only cause asthma, but it also destroys raw materials (e.g. wood, textile, synthetic fibre). Furniture becomes increasing brittle if you let dust accumulate. With regular dusting, you ward off any untimely damage to your chairs, tables and other such furniture on your patio.

2. Keep outdoor textiles in good condition

Employers or building operators may supply outdoor textiles such as pillows, cushions, patio umbrellas and rugs for additional comfort and ease. Aside from constant use, they may also bear the brunt of the elements.

Bugs may lay eggs or spin their cocoon inside hidden nooks or crevices. Errant leaves also tend to carry particles that stain the fabric. During rainy weather, people walk around the area and leave crud, muck or soil stuck in the soles of their shoes.

Worse, when eating out in the patio, they sometimes leave crumbs or spill liquid, resulting to grime or smudges. Lessen your headache by applying deep clean methods to remove dirt and grime from outdoor textiles. Ask your cleaning solutions provider to use a special vacuum for fabrics or an organic baking soda solution.

3. Add sealant or fresh coat of paint

Furniture surfaces, whether made from metal, wicker, wood, iron or aluminium, can take a beating from the elements when left outdoors. You have the option to apply a new layer of sealant or a fresh coat of rust-proof paint. These help strengthen your furniture surface and prevent chipping or dulling.

Sealants or paint coats facilitate any cleaning job. Old surfaces tend to have crevices where dirt can easily get stuck. When this happen, you have to double your cleaning efforts to the detriment of your budget.

Remember that a new finish increases the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. It is one way to give them a new lease of life.

Office Cleaning Companies Melbourne

Cleaning solutions can work to your advantage if you outsource to the right commercial cleaning company in Melbourne. Be forewarned, however, that not all companies offer fair rates.

Some companies offer pricier rates while there are those that adjust their prices commensurate to your cleaning requirements. The bigger your space, the more difficult the cleaning tasks you require, then this goes without saying that you have to pay more.

Make sure you have sufficient budget before hiring the services of office cleaning companies in Melbourne. Moreover, for ethical purposes, your chosen cleaning company must adhere to the principles of green cleaning. This also contributes to your image as a company that practices corporate social responsibility.

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