The best post renovation cleaning guide: How to clean up after construction

After any construction or home renovation project, the final step is the cleaning phase. Post renovation cleaning helps you make the building habitable and organised enough to move in. Moving into your home or office without having renovation cleaners deep clean the space can result in health and safety hazards. Items like nails, chemicals, paints, cement and more are some residual dirt you’ll need to get rid of before moving into the newly renovated space. Here we’ll guide you on how best to handle post renovation clean.


Post Renovation Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Preparing all the necessary tools for your after build cleaning beforehand enables you to work more efficiently. Furthermore, hiring post construction cleaning services near you may be a great way to ease the enormous stress. These cleaning service providers will usually have all the necessary tools, which means you save costs by not having to purchase the tools yourself. Nevertheless, if you choose to complete the post construction cleaning yourself, you may need any of these tools.

  • High-powered vacuum cleaner 
  • Wet/dry vacuum
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Floor polisher
  • Power washer
  • Trash bags


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Post Renovation Cleaning Steps

Once you’ve gathered the required equipment or hired your preferred renovation cleaners, follow these steps for effective cleaning. After construction cleaning is usually done in stages, from rough cleaning to the final wash, to get the best results.


Rough post construction cleaning

Rough cleaning of the construction site involves sweeping off the debris left behind. This usually includes removing dried mortar, paints, unused construction supplies and other stains and debris from the floors, walls and windows. Additionally, you will also need to wipe down glasses, doors and partitions as well as remove residues that splash on furniture and fittings.


Deep cleaning

Post construction deep cleaning is the next step which involves thoroughly cleaning the space, ensuring every corner of the property is in a pristine state. Although it may seem like extra work having to deep clean after a rough clean, it helps ensure that no post-construction dirt is left behind.

Furthermore, it’s important to pay keen attention to where dust may settle after the rough clean. Bathrooms and kitchens should be cleaned out nicely. Windows, glass fittings, walls and cabinets should be washed down. Carpets and floors should also be properly vacuumed.


Final post construction cleaning

After all the thorough cleaning is over, you may notice dust and particles settling over surfaces. This final cleaning will help you remove any leftover dirt and leave the space ready for habitation. Use dry towels to also wipe away window smudges and smears on flat surfaces or any other signs of construction dirt.


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What To Include In Your Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

  • Inspection and cleaning of entrances and exits (clean door frames, windows, doorknobs and sweep entrance ways)
  • Cleaning of living rooms and common areas
  • Dust kitchen shelves, counters, fixtures and finishes
  • Clean cabinets, sink, and drawers inside out
  • Sweet out and mop floors
  • Clean and sanitise bathrooms
  • Remove trash from rooms
  • Dust and clean air vents
  • Remove construction debris from all areas on the premises
  • Sweep and power-wash walkways


In conclusion, post renovation cleaning significantly brings out the beauty of any construction work. It also adds shine to the property and makes it more appealing to the owners during the inspection. More so, having a top reliable post construction cleaning company like Office Cleaning Solutions handle your after renovation cleaning relieves you of the stress. It also allows you to focus your efforts on other things that’ll help bring the project to perfect completion.


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