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Tips On Getting The Most From Your Office Cleaners

Everyone will agree that cleanliness in the office is critical to productivity. A clean office area creates a comfortable, safe and conducive environment for employees and clients to work in. It also helps the company’s image when an investor pays a visit. Outsourcing your office cleaning needs to professional office cleaners is one of the most effective ways to maintain optimal cleanliness in your office, as they have all the necessary equipment, personnel and experience to handle the job effectively. If you want to employ a professional office cleaning company to handle your office cleaning needs, here are a few tips on cleaning an office fast and getting the best out of your office cleaning service.

  • Proper Communication

Proper communication is essential for the success of any working relationship. Professional office cleaners are responsible for all designated cleaning in and around the office building. Still, they cannot possibly read your mind to know what you specifically need to be done. Provide your office cleaners with clear and detailed instructions on how to go about their cleaning. Doing this will help ensure that their services align with your expectations. 

A checklist of your instructions can help enhance accountability and prevent misunderstandings caused by poor communication. In case you’re not satisfied with the quality of the service rendered, ensure to send them feedback. Feedback will enable the cleaning company improve and make necessary changes.

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  •  Plan Cleaning Schedule Properly

The most appropriate time for office cleaners to do their job is when the office is empty. Another good time is before daily business hours when few workers are around the premises. The fewer people there are in the office, the more they can concentrate and do their job effectively.  

Having your office cleaners come over during working hours would lead to your employees being distracted due to the loud noise from the cleaning activity. Some employees may also be allergic to dust particles that rise when cleaning the work area. It is better to give your office cleaners the time and space they need to work effectively. Schedule your cleaning time before or after working hours or during the weekends.

  • Clear Your Desk

Implement an office policy for employees to clear out their desks before the office cleaners arrive. If employees tidy any paperwork on their desks before the cleaners arrive, it enables the cleaners to clean the area thoroughly. It also helps them cover the area faster without having to worry about moving files out of the way or seeing confidential documents. 

Most importantly, clearing your desk removes the risk of misplacing items during cleaning or losing important documents.

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  • Put Waste In The Right Bin

This is a simple and effective way to maintain office cleanliness and get the most out of your cleaning service.  This policy helps declutter things and make the cleaning operation go smoothly. It also encourages everyone to take office hygiene seriously in order to reduce health hazards.

Additionally, it help to place different bins in the right area around your building. This ensures that every waste goes into the right bin, helping you prevent horrible smells and sights around the business area.

  • Sort Out Accessibility Issues

It is important to sort out any accessibility issues so that office cleaners can easily access all areas that need cleaning. Take it upon yourself to open up all the areas needing cleaning when the cleaners arrive. Then inform them of the car parking requirements and sign-in procedure to avoid confusion.

Finally, sort out where and how the cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners can be stored in the storage area. This would greatly help and save the cost of transporting them to your premises on each cleaning date. Office Cleaning Solutions is always available to assist you in maintaining a clean office or workspace. Get in touch with us today.


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