How To Clean Aged Care Facilities?

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There is a common perception that everyone knows how to clean, so aged care staff just need to be told what areas to clean, and they’ll do it right. However, aged care home cleaning isn’t that simple. It has unique challenges like incontinence, spill issues, and cross-contamination risk, which require expertise. Also, unlike other cleaning services, cleaning aged care facilities often involve cleaning in the company of residents. This means that new problems are bound to arise.

This post will provide a comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly cleaning procedure for your aged care facility.

Create an Efficient Cleaning Strategy

As an aged care home manager, you need to create and implement an efficient cleaning strategy that keeps the facility clean and safe for residents and minimizes costs. Especially for a facility that provides community living for seniors, ensuring proper cleanliness and hygiene becomes utmost important. The health and safety of all residents as well as in-house caregivers depends on it. Consider the size of the facility and your cleaning budget to decide whether to hire a professional cleaning team or train your in-house staff to handle the cleaning. Either way, you should explore our cleaning checklist to know the tasks that need to be carried out regularly and occasionally.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

These are cleaning tasks that need to be done regularly for the safety of residents and staff.

  • Dispose of recyclable materials like plastics and cans. Empty the bins and remove any rubbish
  • Vacuum the floors and upholstery in areas like the living room and bedrooms
  • Mop hard floor surfaces like tiles and hardwood
  • Dust furniture and hardware such as tables, chairs and P.Cs
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces around the facility, like door handles and T.V remote
  • Wipe the cooking area clean
  • Clean the toilet with a disinfectant cleaner. Scrub the bowl with a brush and wipe down surfaces like the flush button and toilet cover.
  • Restock toiletries such as soap and toilet papers
  • Mop the bathroom floors and clean the windows and mirrors

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Weekly tasks for your aged care home maintenance and cleaning include:

  • Polish all hard floor surfaces.
  • Clean entryways and windows once a week.
  • Wipe the fridge, oven, and microwave in the kitchen or lounges.
  • Sanitise consoles and phones.
  • Clean the inside of bins and lids.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Finally, the monthly housekeeping tasks for your aged care home include the following:

  • Clean out the vents and A.C. filter
  • Remove and wash curtains or dust the window blinds
  • Clean window frames.
  • Dust and clean hard-to-reach or concealed spots like roof fans and cupboards

How To Clean Spillages And Body Fluids

Spills and body fluids are unique issues in aged care home cleaning. They require experience and must be dealt with immediately to prevent a slip accident or cross-contamination.

Body fluids can transmit infectious diseases, so they should be cleaned carefully. Wear appropriate PPE and use hospital-grade disinfectants while cleaning the affected area. Dispose of all contaminated waste in a safe bin.

In Conclusion

Cleaning your aged care facility ensures the safety of your residents. It also boosts your image and reassures visitors that their loved one is being taken care of.

If you want to hire a professional cleaning team to take care of any of your cleaning needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Office Cleaning Solutions. We offer excellent cleaning services that’ll make your aged care home clean at all times.

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