Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

As a business owner, you may find it inconvenient to manage in-house cleaning staff. Nevertheless, there are several good reasons why you should use a commercial cleaning company in Melbourne. At Office Cleaning Solutions, our commercial cleaners in Melbourne provide you with a highly convenient and affordable cleaning service set up based on your requirements & the hours you would like. We are one of the most trusted commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne, boasting highly trained staff and the industry’s best cleaning equipment.

Our experienced contractors use environmentally friendly, tried and tested cleaning methods to deliver high-quality results for commercial kitchens, hospitality businesses, and other similar workplaces. So, whether you own a multi-story complex or single-room office premises, you can certainly entrust your cleaning needs to us. No job is too big or small for our cleaning contractors.


Professional Commercial Cleaners in Melbourne

Comprehensively servicing the CBD and suburbs near and far including Dandenong South, Mulgrave, and other surrounding areas, we’ll work with you to implement a commercial cleaning schedule that suits your business needs. Whether you call us over during the day or after office hours, we are more than willing to come to assist you. Our cleaning contractors are trained to successfully perform office cleaning tasks that meet your expectations.

As a business owner, you would definitely want to save on your office cleaning expenses. Before commissioning a Melbourne commercial cleaning company for the job, you want to ensure they are a reputed venture. In this regard, we understand your concerns and this experience which is why we are a fully insured cleaning company. We offer affordable cleaning services that suit your budget and assure you of the desired outcomes. To get commercial cleaning services that will likely exceed your expectations, call Office Cleaning Solutions on 1800 000 220 today!

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence each time we arrive at your business. We strive to understand and tailor all our cleaning solutions to your individual requirements.

How’s is your business image perceived?

We all know how important first impressions are, we all unconsciously make them, and we only get one chance to make a positive first impression, so let your client’s first impression of your business be a positive one.

If the business is on the increase, then it’s likely that traffic has increased into your office or building and the need for maintaining a positive public image may more important than you realise. We want your visitors to feel welcomed and comfortable in your clean office, and when they feel welcomed and invited then chances are sales are also going to be on the increase.

One way you can make a great first impression with your clients is providing a clean, fresh environment to be welcomed into.


Trying to maintain a professional cleaning result with in-house cleaning staff can be difficult and if regular commercial cleaning is not well under control it can really affect your image. A high standard of cleanliness can reflect a positive image and high business standards, both aspects we want to project to our clients.

We understand that you’ll want your clients to notice how clean and well presented your offices are and dirty windows, streaky floors, dusty corners and dirty carpets can detract from your best intention for a positive first impression.

At Office Cleaning Solutions we offer you professional commercial cleaning services, with highly trained staff ready to cater to your cleaning requirements. Our staff are highly skilled, hold police clearance for your security and enjoy the reward of leaving your offices sparkling clean.

We’re here to assist all types of businesses with their cleaning requirements, so if you’re a start-up with a small office, a large corporation or organisation, industrial or relocation, we can tailor your cleaning needs with our broad range of services to cover offices, factories, showrooms, medical rooms, shopping centres, retail and all kinds of commercial building as well.
We’ll start by having an initial chat so we can ascertain your requirements and expectations, the areas that are important to focus on and then we’ll build a quote to meet your specifications.

Why choose Office Cleaning Solutions?

We all know how much the word integrity is bantered around these days and it’s really something as a business owner we aspire to and expect from our commercial cleaners melbourne, but for Office Cleaning Solutions it’s more than that…we live by it!

Office Cleaning Solutions hold a strong reputation in Melbourne and beyond and are known for their vast experience in the commercial cleaning field. Our highly trained and skilled staff are available to meet your commercial cleaning challenges at investment to fit your budget.


Trust is so important and we understand that keeping your business secure is important, so our highly trained staff have detailed background checks to offer you peace of mind and security. We’ll also respect your privacy and work with you to minimise any disruption. Our business office cleaners will be professionally dressed and use the latest techniques to guarantee a sparking job that will become your day’s least concern.

Whether you require a daily, weekly or less frequent clean, our cleaning services can be tailored to meet the needs and frequency to maintain your office sparkle. No more dead bugs hiding in corners or dust lurching around on tables, no more streaky, pollution blocking the view and no more allergies to the dust mites, purely a perfect public image you can all be proud of.

What are the benefits to me?

There’s got to be something in for you right, so here are a few good reasons why Office Cleaning Solutions will meet your cleaning needs.

  • Quality – highly trained staff that we perform quality checks on, so ensure we aren’t met with your complaints and if we are we’ll fix it to meet your expectations.
  • Security – Police checked staff to ensure we maintain the strictest security on your premises.
  • Health & Hygiene – Create an environment where clients linger longer and take the opportunity to build a relationship. A healthy office eliminates that dust and keeps surfaces fresh and clean is important for welfare and where possible we use environmentally friendly detergents and machines.
  • Reliable & Discrete – We’ll turn up every time do the job you asked of us to the high standard you’d expect. It’s that simple. We’ll also do it at a time that suits you.
  • Investment – we’re competitive in the market and will offer you genuine value with a package that meets your needs and budget. You will come to see that it really is an investment that will deliver a strong return on your business.

What services can we provide?

We cater for all aspects of commercial cleaning in a wide variety of large and small businesses including:

We know your time is precious, so take a load off and let us take care of your cleaning requirements.

Call us now to talk over your needs and allow us to provide you with a FREE no obligation, comprehensive quote.


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